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Japani Toy (All Part) 1080p HD Download | Hoichoi Japani Toy Web Serise Download


Japani Toy Web Series Download

Japani Toy(2018) is an 18+, comedy, drama, sexual content, adult, slang used, thrilling Bengali web series produced by Sourav Chakraborty. It is now streaming on Hoichoi. This web series contains many parts. You can easily download or watch online on YouTube, Hoichoi tv, Amazon prime or another website in free or paid.

Japani Toy Bengali Web Series Leaked by TamilRockers

The starring of Japan Toy is Rajdeep Gupta, Esha Saha, Kamalika Banerjee, Rajat Ganguly, and many other famous actor/ actress. Esha makes her debut in Japani Toy.
In this story, a North Kolkata resident boy named Joy (Rajdeep Gupta) who lost his job in Delhi. Being disappointed in the job he came back from Delhi to Kolkata and tried to start a new business.

Japani Toy All Part 1080p HD Download

His lover(Esha Saha) Kinkini also decided to break up with him as he was jobless. Her family did not want to marry her with a jobless person. Joy’s family also fade up with him. In another way, Joy had to win Kinkini’s love that ended with Sexy Siren.
At least Joy found ‘Eureka’ which is to open a business of sex toy which is popularly known as Japani Toy. So he hired a shop from his upcoming father-in-law.

HoiChoi Web series Japani Toy Full Download

But there is a new problem created which was political pressure. Joy’s and Kinkini’s family did not support Joy for this bad business.
Gobordhon a counselor of Kolkata and the police protested to open the shop. But Gobordhon’s wife (Kamalika) Sashikala gave full support to joy as she liked joy.
At last, the police decided to vote between Joy (Dildo Kumar) and the Councillor Gobordhon. The judge of this vote was joy’s father.

japani toy all episode download

On the voting day, there is more violence but Kinkini, Sashikala, and her women unity hidely supported joy. At last, joy won the vote and decided to start the business ‘Japani Toy’ with home delivery. japani toy full episodes
Japani Toy part 2(2019) popularly known as ‘Japani doll’ can be seen soon. Stay with us for further information, download or watching online.

Japani toy All Parts download

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