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Holy Faak All Episode Download [Season1] 1080p HoiChoi Web Series


Holy Faak All Episode Download

Holy Faak All Episode Download: HOLY FAAK season 1(2017) is an 18+ Bengali webseries strictly for adult. It consist of Drama, Slang, closed relationship, Romance, Revenge and a lot of comedy.

It is directed by Debalay Bhattacharya. It also consist of many other famous actor/actress. It consist of 9 amazing parts.
Holy Faak season 1 available in HD quality, 480p, 720p and 1080p.

Holy FAAK season 1 can be easily downloaded and watching online from Amazon prime, Netflix, Hoichoi TV and other website in free of cost or paid.
The starring and role of Holy Faak are given below:-

Soumya Mukherjee- Indra
Anamika Chakraborty- Diya
Paran Bandopadhyay- Amit
Ratna Ghosal- Labanya.

Holy FAAK season 1 extremely streaming on HOICHOI TV. Click below to read the short and full story of Holy FAAK.

Indra and Diya are in a relationship long time ago. One day they went to their friend Monali’s wedding. When they were much closed,Diya got a phone call that her cruel sister Raima eloped to Mumbai with her boyfriend. So Diya was in great fear if her father Akhil married her to anyone else.
Diya’s father knew about her relationship and tried to prevent seeing her from Indra.
One day In a party Indra gave Diya an engagement ring but Diya refused. Diya wanted to break up with Indra as she realised the every relation has an expiry date. Hearing this Indra offended and promised to marry someone within a week.
Meanwhile Indra’s grandfather Amit founded Diya’s grandmother Labanya on face book, they made their friendship and decided to meet. So they met in a park and shared their different feelings. They also promised to give the marriage of Diya and Indra at any cost and anyhow.
Otherway Indra and his beloved friend Biltu tried to get revenge from Diya as she insulted him. Diya also wanted revenge. So she sent a box full of slang word letter infront of many guests about his character and so on. Indra read those letter and got angry.
Labanya proposed Indra’s name to Akhil as a great upcoming husband of Diya. Akhil saw Indra’s profile and agreed and everyone started to prepare marriage ceremony. Then Indra and Biltu sent Diya a lot of sex toy and Diya ashamed infront of her family. She lied to her family that it was done by village boys.Hearing Diya’s marriage Raima returned to home from Mumbai.

Then Diya and Indra wanted to end up this revenge process.But Diya slapped Indra infront of a lot of people. Indra most hearted..!!
Diya’s family went to meet Indra’s parents for marriage. Biltu and Indra went to a cafe to cheer up, there they saw Ena and Diya. They started to quarrel and fight when they saw each other. Indra was beaten up badly by the people.
Other way Labanya and Amit set up the wedding of Indra and Diya without informing them and also Ena and Biltu.
So the wedding day arrived. Labanya and Amit tied up Biltu and Ena and hide them as they could not told anyone the real fact.
Then the wedding began. In the great moment of ‘Subhadristi’ Diya and Indra saw each other. They could not married, frustrated, got angry and fled away with blaming Labanya and Amit.
That’s the End of Holy Faak season 1.
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