Yoga Health Pro Is Doing Yoga Really Worth It? Fri, 05 Jan 2018 12:48:14 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Benefits of Yoga In Daily Life Wed, 03 Jan 2018 14:18:44 +0000 Working out daily or moderately is a great thing to do.  But what would you do during rainy season or winter season when it’s snowing and you can’t go to walk or to the gym to work out? Well, working out at the gym is great, you will gain muscle and lose fat really fast when you put in all your dedication towards it. But what if you don’t have time to go to a gym or even go to take a walk? Well then the best workout you can give out to your body will be “YOGA”.

Yoga has been considered one of the oldest workout in human history. And with moderation in daily life, you can achieve a fit body without following any diet or going out of a home. And amongst all out types of work out like going to GYM which takes about 1hours, jogging which takes 30mins at least, you can get down with doing Yoga within 15-20 minutes.

Well, there is more than just the time that Yoga takes that you need to keep in mind if you are thinking about exercising yourself. Let us have a look at the best benefits of Yoga in Daily life.

Best Benefits of Yoga in our daily life:

  1. All-round fitness: Yoga help you to maintain a great overall fitness at the least time spent every day. Be it, if you are doing yoga at home or outside you will have great fitness benefits out of every single day.
  2. Weight loss: Yes, that’s right Yoga can help you lose weight. Yoga will not make you buff like you would get in GYM but you will lose weight through fat loss and maintain toned muscle.
  3. Stress Relief: Yoga is a great way to release all the inner stress s that you carry every single day.
  4. Inner Peace: As yoga helps you to get rid of useless stress from life, you will have more inner peace of mind. This making your everyday life easier.
  5. Improves Immunity: Believe it or not, just like working about at gym or jogging which requires a lot of energy, Yoga can help you burn off fat and boost your body’s immunity.
  6. Greater Awareness: With stress is thrown out of your body and inner peace of mind, you will have a greater awareness of all the happening around you. You will start noticing and enjoying every single thing in life no matter how small they are.

  1. Better Relationship: With no stress, more inner peace and greater awareness of your happing around you will be able to concentrate and get yourself more involved with creating a more healthy relationship with people. No matter who they are, you will be able to capture everyone’s attention and make them love you.
  2. Increased Energy: You will have more energy in your body after you are accustomed to Yoga every day as you will be stress-free, your negative energy will be turned into positive ones and you will be able to give more to every single event in life.
  3. Better Posture: Yoga helps to create straight perfect and flexible posture at the same time.
  4. Boost Mental Strength: If you do yoga every single day, your mental strength will be heightened to limits where you will be able to handle any ongoing situation easily.

So, these were the best benefits of doing Yoga in our daily life. And with all these benefits and taking the amount of time it takes to do yoga right at home, you can be sure that this is defiantly something that you can do if you are always busy in life and don’t have time to work out in Gym or go for jogging or anything else then you should be happy to know all about the YOGA benefits in daily life.

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Effects Of Yoga On Mental Health Mon, 01 Jan 2018 14:20:26 +0000 Day by day people are stepping to yoga to be fit and to remain fit. Without spending money on gym or gym equipment it is good to start yoga.  Yoga is known as the oldest practice which started long years back. Some major disease can easily be cured practicing yoga. On practicing yoga daily for few hours you will be healed internally. It is also found that regularly practicing yoga puts a good effect on mind. It increases blood circulation in the body which ultimately gives extra life to our body parts and organs.  There are many effects of yoga in our health and among all effects of Yoga on mental health is very helpful. Yoga keeps our body balanced and so millions of people worldwide are practice yoga regularly.

It has been proved that by yoga you can get rid of obesity, breathing problems, pain, chronic illness and mental health. Maximum people are now diving on yoga to relief from stress and to remain healthy. Here in this post, I will inform you all about yoga effects on mental health.

Effects Of Yoga On Mental Health

There are many mental benefits that you can have on regular practicing yoga. So if you are not started yet, then start from today. Below are its benefits.

  • Stay away from depression.
  • Anxiety Relief.
  • Memory and concentration.
  • Psychiatric disorders.
  • Brain Aging.

Stay away from depression

If you practice yoga regularly for 2 to 3 months then you will notice that you can able to control your anger. Yoga is all about poise and breathing techniques that boost your energy and help you to gain positive mood. After several experiments, it is found that practicing daily 20 minutes decreases all types of inflammation which is a main factor of depression. It gets you away from depression by increasing BDNF level and by creating new brain cells. Some common poses to get rid of depression are upward facing, easy pose and corpse.

Anxiety Relief

It helps you get out of anxiety by taking breathing and heart beating rates to normal, lower down blood pressure and by increasing variability of a heartbeat. Yoga slows down the brain activity for a while which keeps you relax. It boosts the GABA neurotransmitters that move you far away from overwhelming and anxiety.

Memory and concentration

Some yoga as Hatha is very beneficial I increasing memory and concentration power. Our life mainly depends on Memory and concentration power. Everybody in this world is busy in doing something but sometimes we feel fuzzy. So instead of taking artificial boosters as energy drink or coffee, it is better to do Yoga for few minutes. Best poses of yoga to increase memory power are the eagle, warrior, and the main alternative breathing through a nostril.

Psychiatric disorders

Yoga also helps patients those who are suffering from the psychiatric disorder.  Even those who are addicted to drug or alcohol are also one kind of disorder which easily can be minimized by practicing yoga. Yoga decreases depression, tension, fatigue and much more. More through yoga, you can get relief from emotional agony, sleeping pill and will also learn how to remain happy.

Brain aging

After a certain age limit, our organ and even brain became old and their functionalities decrease. So if you do Yoga then it will help your shrinking brain by increasing the volume. It has been proved that those who are practicing yoga for long days have the larger brain as compared to other. Your brain will start functioning as a young boy or girl between 15 to 25 ages.

Yoga has many benefits for our health and minds both internally and externally. There is no age restriction to start practicing yoga but it is recommended to start with a yoga instructor. Many severe diseases now can cure only by Yoga but you need to be dedicated. It will not give you result overnight you will experience improvements day by day. Every part of the body can be rejuvenated through yoga including brain which is discussed briefly in this post “effects of yoga on mental health”.

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How Yoga Can Improve Your Life Fri, 29 Dec 2017 05:38:31 +0000 How can we improve our Life? That’s a million dollar question.

There are plenty of ways though, that we try executing in the betterment of our life. A human life is complicated and the flow of one’s living depends on many factors. However, the common lifestyle we are living with, that can be improved for good. One best way to do that is practicing Yoga.

We are not going to dig into the whole chapter of Life Improvement Method; let’s elaborate how Yoga can improve your life and the people around you.

How Can Yoga Improve Your Life?

A good health is the biggest asset of ours. When it comes to a good health, it should not only denote the physical fitness; one should be healthy in spiritually as well.

Yoga triggers an enhancement of both physical and spiritual health.

Yoga helps you to be mentally wise, physically fit and beautiful. Many fitness enthusiasts recommend practicing Yoga for several benefits.

Yoga – the ancient technique of relaxation and meditation impacts on our life in many ways; for betterment.

1: Stress Relief

In this era, most of us are living a busy hassle-full life. We face numerous reasons to get stressed out and trigger anxiety. Stress and anxiety bring no good to our health and mind. Matter of fact, stressful daily life can harm our health and people around us in many ways. There are countless examples of family/relationship/health breakdowns just because of stressing out.

Now, Yoga is one best way to release the stress from our body and mind. It takes no charge but a little time to combat one’s stress by practicing Yoga. This one goes for mentally and spiritually relief by Yoga.

2: Improve Patience

Patience is one vital element that helps in improving our life. Whether it is to tackle an obstacle or learning anything important, being patient helps you get to the right. Impatience does just the opposite and pulls you backward while life goes on. Without patience, one cannot succeed in life, neither can improve the relationship with people. So, how Yoga helps you improve patience?

Well, the combat of stress and relaxation from Yoga get you to the state of mind where you learn to accept challenges and let go of undesirable happens. When you start off with yoga, you do the basic first before trying out the trickier ones.

You will push your body to new challenges step by step knowing your limit. Every set of the session in Yoga is a new challenge and learning something new. You learn to take challenges and succeed while doing Yoga and relaxing.

This strategy triggers a mindset to be patience and go with the flow while taking new challenges. Now, life is all about challenges and Yoga will teach you to be patient and success.

3: Concentration

When you learn something or work on something, concentration is all you required. When life is full of disturbance, a daily Yoga practice will help you stick towards your goalkeeping the interruptions aside.

Either you are working or a scholar, practicing Yoga will help you learn better, work better, and live better.

4: Physical Strength and Confidence

Yoga is not just sitting in a place, meditates and relaxes. It’s to take new challenges and test your physical ability. When you take your body to a peak of challenge every day, it naturally stimulates the hormones to adopt new abilities.

All these challenges and success over the time improves your physical strength. In this context, you have no other competitor but yourself.

When you continuously take new challenges and taste new achievements, you self-confidence levels up whilst improving your fitness and appearance. And of course, a good appearance is one of the keys of confidence.

To be honest, we do many things in our daily life just to feed our mental pleasure. Of which most of them add no value to our life or personality. Funny, we spend a lot in deterioration of our health and lifespan.

Yoga cost us almost nothing but time and dedication and returns the best of investment. Yoga really improves our life, in more than one ways. When your body and mind is healthy, you live a better life.

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